The 101 On Paid To Click Business Models


Paid to click or PTC business models have been attracting a lot of attention ever since their inception. This model basically targets people who are looking to earn money from home by directing them to certain advertisements. The PTC model also includes other methods to earn money like completing certain tasks, completing surveys. Shopping, playing games, etc. Neobux is one of the popular PTC websites that has caught on amongst people as an easy way to earn money from the comforts of their home. However, according to the statistics at , there are plenty of fraudulent websites functioning under the guise of PTC to dupe people of their hard earned money. So it is always better to proceed with caution if it sounds too good to be true.

PTC sites more or less function as a middle person between advertisers and customer. Once an ad is clicked, it is necessary to remain on the page for at least ten seconds so that the click is regarded as authentic. The advertisers spend plenty of money to ensure that their customers view their videos or look at their advertisements. Since advertisers cannot approach their customers directly, PTC sites come into play. These advertisers pay PTC websites a particular amount for each view of their particular product showcased on these PTC websites. The PTC websites will display these ads on their websites and employ people to click on these advertisements. The PTC site will offer a share of their earnings to the member based on the number of times the advertisement has been clicked. This encourages the member to click or view as may advertisements as possible in order to increase their earnings.

The Paid to click business model also helps its member earn money via referrals. So, a member you have referred earns around a dollar worth, you will be making almost 50% of that without lifting a finger. This motivates people to refer as many friends and acquaintances as possible to increase the money they are making. Since each PTC site differs in how much it offers its members for clicking on an advertisement, it is best to do a bit of research before committing yourself.

Like all good things, PTC models also come with its own set of cons. According to the experts, the amount paid for a click of an advertisement is considerably very low for you to actually be able to make any real money. The advertisements mislead people into believing that you can actually quit your day job and spend the day clicking on ads in the comfort of your home and not worry about your financial situation. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are also several fraudulent websites that trick gullible people into making payments before making them a member of the PTC sites and then disappearing without a trace. So like anything related to money, it is always best to ask around and do a lot of research before deciding that PTC sites are up your alley.