21st Century Technology-Benefits & Dangers

21st Technology Gadgets

First the advantages. The Eniva Corporation provides the finest nutritional supplements. VIBE, the primary product, supports the Immune System, the Cardiovascular System, Collagen and Skin Health, and offers various Antioxidants; in fact, as stated by the ORAC score (as formulated and analyzed by globally honored Dr. Ou at Brunswick Labs) 1 bottle of VIBE = 5 Xango, 7 Goji, 16 Noni or 29 Sealer! And since the particle size is little that it is measured in angstroms, it’s – unlike anything else in the marketplace – 98% consumed! In addition, there are 24 protocols offering mixtures of products in case there continue to be some remnants of well-being challenges that will be added to the VIBE after 90 days. It’s through the vibrational frequencies of sound the particle size is reduced to 4x smaller in relation to the lowest cell that is human. These angstrom-sized nutrients can be absorbed through the top part of the gut, bypassing the digestive process – particularly significant for those who have digestive challenges. This is astonishing! This is 21st century technology using frequencies that are the healthy preserve and to restore our immune system, our energy, and – since VIBE was revealed to fix damaged DNA – our longevity!

When it comes to risks… There ARE frequencies in the 21st century that wreak havoc with our health and wellbeing, and throw our immune system out of equilibrium. All these are called EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and EMRs (electromagnetic radiation). These frequencies emanate from all that runs, not only cell phones – also cordless phones, computers, blenders, juicers, vacuum cleaners, power tools, hair dryers, etc. (See: Dr. George Carlo’s Cell phones: undetectable dangers in the wireless age ; an insider’s alarming discoveries about cancer and genetic damage, 2001, as well as Wireless communications and health: scientific progress, 1998, and Wireless telephones and health II: state of the science, 2001.)

It’s essential to be conscious and to use protection, particularly with those things we hold in our hands, like a mobile phone or hair dryer, and those things we almost “embrace” – our computers, notebooks and other electronic gadgets.

Technology was created in the Russian space program which a German company purchased; they confirmed the technology’s effectiveness that has many European together with American university studies and tweaked it. An American firm, BioPro, purchased this technology and were currently accessible the Philippines and the United States, Canada, Mexico, AU, NZ. These “processors” – in regards to the magnitude of a nickel – don’t block the EMFs. Otherwise, your cell phone wouldn’t work! Instead they modulate and harmonize the frequencies so they can be harmonious with all the frequencies of the human body… one on a mobile phone; one on the base unit of the cordless phone and one on the handset; three on a computer: 2 above and below the display in the middle, and 1 on the tower – or the computer keyboard of a notebook; 2 on a hoover, 1 at the motor, 1 at the swap; 2, 2 inches apart, on a hairdryer and power tools, etc. It is interesting to view the thermography images: without the processor, 15 minutes of mobile phone use shows extreme reddish, orange and yellowish – signaling heat in the brain; a few hours after – same man, same cell phone, with a processor, 15 minutes of mobile phone use reveals cool blues and greens. These images are worth a novel, if a picture is worth 1000 words! Seeing IS believing!

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