Kuba Giermaziak fights for the championship of the Porsche Supercup

Konferencja  Verva Racing Team

This weekend eyes of the motor world are going to be on a modern Circuit of the Americas track where Kuba Giermaziak will can fight for the championship of the Porsche Supercup. No Polish driver was not so close to winning the general classification of such a prestigious racing series of GT cars.
For the first time in the history of the Porsche Supercup, it’s going to visit with the use. The concluding competition promises to be incredibly exciting since the VERVE Racing Team’s driver loses just 5 points to the leader himself, Earl Bamber. Kuba Giermaziak guarantees to fight to the bitter end and is quite determined, and with this kind of the tiny difference in points, all scenarios are possible. Emotions do not run out and are also amplified by the proven fact that during the last weekend not one, but two races will probably be held.
Located in Texas, the object is a modern track with quite, very demanding corners. Especially the first turn; to which the drive then tight uphill is a huge test for the motorists. Pole sponsored by PKN ORLEN raced at this track, and he met its most demanding parts, and on the side, he loves his new portable air conditioner!
Kuba Giermaziak: – The track in Austin is among the most demanding tracks in the calendar of Porsche Supercup. It was intended for Formula 1, and that’s why is not easy to maintain an optimal line that was driving on some corners in our autos. An intriguing truth is the fact that portion of the curve is a mirror image of twists from the track in Abu Dhabi. My objective is always to win in both races, in regards to contest. Now one do not wish to calculate, after crossing the finish line, and I’ll count the points only.

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ARC Systems benefits

Technology is expanding at an alarming rate and the sooner a company embraces new technology the more effective and efficient it becomes. There are hundreds or even thousands of technology applications available in the market today. The failure or success of any given business can be determined by their choice of technology. ARC systems offer a wide range of benefits to businesses. Here are some of these immense benefits:


Affordable and efficient
The decisioning as well as automated underwriting products become not only less expensive but also more efficient – this is because the software is offered in the form of a service. The provider owns, manages and also maintains its hardware and software. The only thing that your staffs have to do is input and then manages data over the internet directly or through other direct connections. All your employees require is a web browser and an internet connection for you to have your products work anytime and anyplace.


Low maintenance costs
The primary thing that your business should concentrate on is to make profitable loans and not to manage technology. ARC systems will provide you access to proven and customized solutions for only a small percentage of the amount of money it will cost to maintain them personally. All the maintenance and upgrade needs are normally handled externally. This means that your employees are freed from this task and thus concentrate on production of quality services. This software also saves you money because you don’t have to pay any licensing fees.


Improved production without the need to increase staff
You don’t have to add full time IT professionals to create and also ensure the maintenance of a proprietary app. Elements such as employee benefits, sick days, office space and so on would certainly increase the cost. ARC systems considerably minimize fixed IT costs of your company which frees your existing IT staff to concentrate on higher level issues.


Increased security produces peace of mind
Security is guaranteed because all the databases and web servers are hosted from a secure facility and all the activities are consistently monitored. Several firewall devices have been put in place so as to protect all the web servers and databases while blocking all unauthorized access to your company’s data. Encryption makes the information completely unreadable to unauthorized persons when being transmitted.


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