Gmail Password

If you wish to add a new password to your Gmail account, then ensure it is complicated, memorable and long. It has to be changed once in three months. To avoid hacking or misusing of your Gmail account, you need to make it a habit to change the password frequently. It is not a must that you have to change once in three months. If possible, you can every month or twice a month. It depends upon your convenience and flexibility. But changing your password will help to safeguard your account.

There is no password that helps your account to remain secure. A password should be updated or changed in order to safeguard against key loggers. If you wish to have improved security to your Gmail account, you can connect with your mobile number. This way, you account will be accessible only if you enter the password and correct mobile number.

Changing your Gmail password: To help the experienced and starters, we have explained the procedure in a step by step walkthrough way.

Sign into your Gmail account and click the gear command that is seen in the top right navigation bar. You need to select settings and that will redirect you to a new settings page. Select accounts and import category and select the change password option. The link will open to a password change window, where you need to input your old and new password. Ensure to enter a secure password that is simple to remember. Congratulations! You have successfully changed your password. Now, you can start to browse, send mail and perform your favorite with the new password.

Try to log out your account whenever you are using a public computer. Do not show or share your password to your friends or relatives. If you are using the older version, then you have to follow the same procedure for the settings action.

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