Nanotechnology Applications in 2014

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Nanotechnology is today’s new and exciting wave of the future. It is a buzzword in science journals and in science fiction. But what, exactly, are the applications of nanotechnology in the year 2014? What good is it today? Will nanotechnology bring about the same sweeping changes as atomic energy?

The truth is, yes, it will. Nanotechnology applications 2014 are already taking off and changing the world in ways that are appropriately difficult to see. 

Nanotechnology is found in everything from the medical field to the football field. Scientists are developing nanotechnology that will deliver medication directly to diseased cells in the body, and nanites that can absorb toxins from the body safely and effectively. The area of diagnostic medicine has taken several leaps forward in recent years thanks to nanotechnology. In sports, nanotechnology is being used to make safety equipment more effective and the tools of the trade more efficient. Nanotechnology allows athletes to get the absolute best use out of their gear, and out of themselves.

Nanotechnology applications can be found in many fields today. Medicine is improved by the use of nanotechnology to treat cancers that normal chemotherapy can’t touch. Batteries are being made more efficient with nanotechnology. Solar cells are made much more affordable and much more useful through nanotechnology. Space travel is being made more plausible and cost effective with the advent of lighter and stronger materials than were available in previous decades. Nanotechnology is also being used in theoretical technologies to recycle oxygen and filter out harmful gasses, making long space flights a reachable goal rather than a distant dream. Electronics are being made better, faster, and more inexpensive with the use of nanotechnology. Even fabrics are affected by nanotechnology, with nano-fibers making stronger, lighter, softer material available.

The current uses of nanotechnology boggle the mind. Who knows what nanotechnology will do in 2015, or beyond?

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